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Are we Casual, Exclusive, or Committed?

Let's be honest, we want to be more than friends. Join our Loyalty Club and receive the best burger benefits. Please see details below, download the app, and let’s take this relationship to the next level.

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General Benefits:

Like all lasting relationships, the perks only get better with time. We will start things off Casually, but the more you dine at Eureka!, the more perks you'll get when we hit the Exclusive stage or even Committed. Check out these amazing rewards you can earn throughout the year:


  • Complimentary Truffle Cheese Fries for linking your credit card
  • Hooked on Chocolate Cake for your Birthday
  • You’ll be the first to enjoy new menu items


  • 100 bonus points
  • Complimentary side upgrade every 3 months
  • Earn double points on select days
  • Access to secret menu items


  • 200 bonus points
  • Hoppy Hour on the Weekends
  • Earn triple points on select days
  • Surprise & Delights along the way *hint hint* anyone want to go to Kentucky?!

We want to be friends with benefits. Do you? Download the app today and let’s get this relationship started.

Download the App: