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Oh, To Be Young & In Love ❤️

You may recognize this amazing cocktail as we are bringing back a favorite: the Young & in Love featuring Wheatley Vodka, elderflower, raspberry liqueur, blood orange shrub, and lemon - $14. This offering is exclusive to Friends with Benefits loyalty members so if you haven't signed up already, do not miss out on the perks. Let's be more than Friends.

Young & In Love is available for a limited time from February 2 to February 28. 

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Big Flavor for the Big Game

Our wings are a Eureka! craveable classic, but we wanted to bring some big flavor for the big game this year. Our very own Chef Samuel Chesebro from San Luis Obispo created our Tequila Sunrise Wings exclusive for this year's event. These inventive wings feature Corazon tequila, orange juice, lime juice, chipotle, blood orange, grenadine, and chimichurri.

We know it'll be hard to choose between orange chile glaze, firecracker, beer barbeque sauce, Eureka! Bourbon smoked dry rub and these, but we are making it easy to enjoy as you can get all of them in-restaurant, order online, or for delivery.

Tequila Sunrise Wings are available for a limited time from February 2 to February 15. 

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