What's on Tap at Eureka! Tasting Kitchen

Discover the renaissance of American craft brewing and small batch distillation in our uniquely 100% America beer and bourbon bar. Eureka! features rare, innovative and ultra-premium craft beer and whiskey handmade by our nation’s best artisans. To celebrate this quintessential American tradition our classic cocktail selection is derived from all natural liqueurs, fresh fruits and a full-bar.

Orange Wheat Hangar 24 Craft Brewing Redlands, CA 4.6% 138 cal

Palmera Pils Los Angeles Ale Works Hawthorne, CA 5.7% 171 cal

Racer 5 Bear Republic Brewing Co. Rohnert Park, CA 7.5% 225 cal

Ballast Point Devil's Share Bourbon San Diego, CA 92°

Black Maple Hill Bourbon Joseph, OR 95°

Black Maple Hill Rye Joseph, OR 95°

Bowen's Whiskey Bakersfield, CA 90°

Corsair Pecan Wood Bowling Green, KY 123.6°

Corsair Rasputin Malt Whiskey Bowling Green, KY 86°

Corsair Triple Smoke Cask Strength Bowling Green, KY 128.9°

Corsair Wry Moon White Whiskey Bowling Green, KY 92°

Crater Lake Black Butte Whiskey Bend, Oregon 94°

Dry Fly Triticale - Rye Wheat Hybrid Spokane, WA 88°

George T. Stagg - Bourbon (2017) Frankfurt, KY 129.2°

High West Rendezvous Rye Park City, UT 92°

High West Midwinter Nights Dram- Rye (Act 6, Scene 6) Park City, UT 98.6°

Michter's 10yr Bourbon (2018) Louisville, KY 94.4°

Old Fitzgerald 9 year - Bourbon (2018) Bardstown, KY 100°

Old Forester 1870 Bourbon Louisville, KY 90°

Old Rip Van Winkle - 10yr Bourbon (2019) Frankfort, KY 107°

Pappy Van Winkle - 15yr Bourbon (2018) Frankfort, KY 107°

Pappy Van Winkle - 20yr Bourbon (2018) Frankfort, KY 107°

Peerless Barrel Proof Rye Louisville, KY 107.6°

Rogue Farms Rye Whiskey Independence, OR 80°

Russell's Reserve Straight Bourbon- 10yr Lawrenceburg, KY 90°

R6 Straight Bourbon El Segundo, CA 86°

St. George 30th Anniversary - Single Malt Whiskey Alameda, CA 128.5°

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey San Deigo, CA 70°

Thomas H Handy - Rye (2016) Frankfort, KY 129.2°

Van Winkle Special Reserve -Lot B 12yr (2019) Frankfort, KY 90.4°

Whistlepig-Boss Hog - Rye "Spirit of Mauve" Shoreham, VT 115.9°

William Larue Weller - Bourbon (2019) Frankfort, KY 128°

W.L. Weller Full Proof - Bourbon (2019) Frankfort, KY 114°