What's on Tap at Eureka! Carlsbad

Discover the renaissance of American craft brewing and small batch distillation in our uniquely 100% America beer and bourbon bar. Eureka! features rare, innovative and ultra-premium craft beer and whiskey handmade by our nation’s best artisans. To celebrate this quintessential American tradition our classic cocktail selection is derived from all natural liqueurs, fresh fruits and a full-bar.

Spring 44 Vodka Nicely dry up front with an essence of grain. An amazing creaminess with a velvety texture and a depth on the mid-palate. Finish is long with corn sweetness. 40%

Corsair Spiced Rum A small batch spiced rum with an unusual character. Crafted using several types of citrus peel and whole vanilla beans while going easy on other spices and botanicals. The result is a rum that plays well with others — a lot of flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. 42.5

Corazon Tequila distilled twice before being infused with oxygen and bottled. ... Distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, it is typically unaged , clear, and bottled straight after distillation. Sometimes rested in stainless steel up to 60 days and can also be aged in wood for no more than 30 days. 40%